General Policy and Information

Administration and Office Staff 2020-21

Role Person
Department Chair Graham Leuschke
Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies Leonid Kovalev
Associate Chair for Graduate Affairs William Wylie
Assistant Chair (TA assignments) Moira McDermott
Assistant Chair (class scheduling) Jeff Meyer
Coordinator of Mathematics Education Joanna Masingila
Senior Administrator (budget, payroll) Julie O’Connor
Administrative Specialist (registration) Kelly Jarvi
Office and Textbook Coordinator Jordan Correia
Office Coordinator Leah Quinones

Departmental Committees 2020-21

Committee Members
Executive Committee Graham Leuschke (chair),
Dan Coman,
Ted Cox,
Loredana Lanzani,
Jani Onninen
Graduate Committee Andrew Vogel (chair),
Claudia Miller,
Yuan Yuan
Undergraduate Committee Terry McConnell (chair),
Lee Kennard,
Dan Zacharia

Academic Advisors 2020-21

Student Group Advisor
Graduate students without a PhD advisor Mark Kleiner, Yuan Yuan, Dan Zacharia
Undergraduate math majors Andrew Vogel (last initials A-G),
Leonid Kovalev (last initials H-M),
Stephan Wehrli (last initials N-S),
Steven Diaz (last initials T-Z)
Undergraduate math minors Adam Lutoborski
Applied Statistics programs Pinyuen Chen

MGO Executive Board and GSO Senators 2020-21

Role Person
President Jacob Migdail-Smith 
Vice President Erin Griffin
Treasurer Elana Israel
Secretary Hannah Kimbrell
Colloquium Organizer Caleb McWhorter
GSO Senators Ana Rakovic,
Caleb McWhorter

Textbooks, Calculators and Supplies

All instructors will receive one copy of the textbook used for the course they are teaching, as well as any available supplementary materials (solutions manuals) from Mr. Jordan Correia.

Calculators will be lent to you (by Mr. Correia) for the semester for the course you are teaching if it requires a calculator. Please remember to return the calculator at the end of the semester unless you may need it for the course your will be teaching for the next semester.

If instructors lose these items, the department cannot be responsible for replacing them.

The department provides you with supplies related to your teaching responsibilities, such as grade books, red ballpoint pens, graph paper, etc. If supplies are required, please see any one of the office staff.


You should check your mailbox regularly, preferably daily; at least every 2 days. For security reasons, students are not allowed to place items in or remove items from the mailboxes. Therefore, do not send students to place items in your mailbox.


There is a copier in the Math Department (Room 215) for faculty, staff and TA use. TAs may use the office copier for teaching and research related materials only. When using the office copier, please notify the office staff to let them know how long you will be and to be sure none of them will need the copier soon. You should remember that the office staff and faculty have priority when it comes to photocopying. Otherwise, photocopying privileges are on a first-come first-served basis.


The Department maintains a list of individuals willing to tutor students on an individual basis. All arrangements for payment of the tutor are made between the parties involved. Graduate students are given an opportunity to be included on the list of tutors for subjects in which they are qualified to tutor. If you would like to be included on this list please give your name to Mr. Jordan Correia,

Department policy prohibits anyone who is officially assigned to a course, either as instructor, recitation instructor, or grader, from tutoring for extra pay any student(s) in any section of that course.

Room Reservations

When you wish to reserve a room, please see Ms. Kelly Jarvi or if she is unavailable please see Ms. O’Connor. Rooms are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Keep in mind that rooms are particularly scarce during class hours, and always scarce at the end of any given semester. Please make your request several days before you need the room.

Answering Machine and Voicemail

If you need to contact the department before or after normal business hours, please call 315-443-3849 and leave a message or send an email to All staff members, and any work study student working at the front desk can retrieve any messages left at this number.

Be sure to include your name, the situation, and a number where you can be reached. If you are ill or there is an emergency, please follow the instructions in the section entitled: “Instructors’ Absences.” When you call in during normal business hours, you can call any of the staff members, and speak to someone. But, please do not leave a voice mail message at their extension, as only that person can retrieve the message. Should that person not be present that day no one would get the message.


Personal phone calls should be kept to a minimum.


During the semester, you will receive several questionnaires either in your mailbox or by email. Please try to return these to the appropriate individual well before the deadline dates printed on them.

The questionnaires include (but are not limited to): Office Hours, Clinic, End Hours, Teaching, Future Intentions, etc.

Department Hours

The mathematics office is open 8:30-5:00pm Monday-Friday. You should not plan on having access to the main office before 8:30am or after 5:00pm. The office staff must secure the office before leaving at 5:00pm. Please be mindful of that if you are in the office at 5:00pm.

During the summer, the department’s hours are 8:00-4:30pm.

The office will be closed on official University Holidays only. Please check the department planning calendar for these dates.

Computers, Calculators and Other Equipment

The department has several overhead projection units for calculators, view/overhead projector units (on a cart, to be used with laptops), 1 black and white n-view unit.

All of this equipment is available for daily or extended use, but must be reserved with Ms. Jarvi. All equipment will be dispensed on a first-come, first-served basis. Please return all equipment the way you found it.


We have the following suggestions when using the microphone:

  • When you use the microphone, attach it to your shirt as far up as possible. It should be at the level of the knot of a tie, not halfway down your chest.
  • If you have problems with the microphone, contact Audiovisual equipment repairs at extension x4001. If you have problems in a classroom please call x5660.

Use of the Department’s Computers

The computers in 400 Carnegie are available for use by graduate students in the mathematics department.

Hopefully, there are enough of these computers to give everyone adequate access. Please be considerate of others. Also, bear in mind that there are many other computer resources available on campus: see the ITS map.

The computer cluster in Room 124 is scheduled for classes on most class periods. Instructors, who would like to hold an unscheduled class in this cluster occasionally, should contact Ms. Jarvi to reserve a time.

Information Technology and Services (ITS) helps students and faculty members with computing equipment. ITS provides a variety of support options for students, faculty, and staff.

Classroom Security


Rain and wind can destroy parts of a classroom when the windows have been left open. If you open windows, please close them when you leave the classroom. The next instructor can open the windows, if they choose to.


Some rooms have motion-activated light switches with a manual switch on the top. The lights in these rooms should be left in the “on” position at all times, i.e. do not switch off the lights in these rooms.


Since non-mathematics classes are often scheduled in Carnegie after 5:00pm, do not lock doors as you leave the room but please do close the door (unless of course the next instructor is walking in).


Room 111 door will remain locked at all times when not in use. (The staff will ensure that it is locked after each colloquium.)
Room 124 (computer Lab) door should be locked, the lights switched off.

Main Office Rules


The microwave in the main office is for the use of the faculty and office staff only. TAs are asked to use the ones in Carnegie 400 or in Smith Hall.

Office Staff Lunches

The office staff take staggered lunch hours so there is always at least one person available to help you. If possible, ask a person who is working at that time to help you rather than someone who is obviously eating lunch or on break.

TA Offices and Keys

If you are not returning for the upcoming semester, please give your keys to Ms. Leah Quinones. Your desk and office will need to be cleaned. Everyone will not be leaving at the same time, so please ask Ms. Leah Quinones, by what date you should have your desk and office cleaned. All returning TAs will receive a questionnaire from the Administrative Secretary (Ms. Kelly Jarvi) requesting you to make office selections for the upcoming academic year. New offices are assigned in time for the beginning of the fall semester.

Pay information for TAs

We strongly recommend setting up a direct deposit. This will ensure that you have access to your money even if the office closes on vacation or you leave campus before the last payment of semester is issued.

Bulletin Board

The bulletin board outside of Ms. Jarvi’s office will post announcements periodically. Please check the bulletin board in the event you may have missed something in your mailbox.