Important: do not miss the Students with Disabilities section below.

Final Exams Schedule

The mathematics final exams for all undergraduate courses below 400 and 485 (except 375) will be held between 8:00 am and 2:30 pm on a date listed on the Registrar’s final exam schedule. This date also appears on the homepage of this site.

Your students must take the exam at the assigned two-hour time-block. Do not arrange to give the exam at another time. Remind your students of the exam time regularly during the semester. Final exam times will not be given out by the office staff. Students can refer to the posted exam schedule on MySlice or in the hallway outside of Room 215 in Carnegie.

No Final Exam can be given on the last day of classes or on any of the Reading Days, which include Saturday and Sunday.

Also, it would be against the rules to give a take-home exam on a reading day, i.e. the students pick it up and return it on reading days. Students cannot be required to be present on a Reading Day. (In other words, take home exams must be issued before the Reading Days, to be returned after the Reading Days on an Exam Day, or they can be issued on an Exam Day, to be returned on the same or subsequent Exam Day).

However, you can hold Review sessions on any Reading Day.

For all instructors:

Do not plan on leaving campus before all finals are administered and all of your grading is complete.

You should announce the examination day, date, and times to your class(es) as soon as possible and several times thereafter.

You will find the enrollment for your class listed to the far right of the exam schedule. If you have more students than the listed number, please make Ms. Ware aware as soon as possible.

Please be certain your students are aware that there are three different two-hour periods of time included in the final exam Block, and they must be present at the scheduled time for their course’s exam.

It will be necessary for you to be available to the students who are in your sections of the course you either are teaching or leading recitation for, for a reasonable number of hours during finals week before the final is given. You will receive a questionnaire by email from Mr. Barwotoe regarding End of Semester office hours later in the semester to list your office hours for the period after classes end.

Once again: no exams, including upper-level courses, are to be scheduled on any Reading Day. You may however hold a review session during those days.

For all teaching assistants, including graders:

Instructors and graders will assist during the finals period in one of the following manners:

  • Instructors teaching two individual sections, one large section, or recitations for a course with a final, will either administer the final to their section(s) or will assist the course chair or main lecturer in the scheduled room for that final. If there is no final in a course for which you are a recitation instructor, you will proctor in the conflict room or at a final in another course. You must not plan on leaving until the exam and all the grading for which you will be responsible have been completed.
  • Graders may be asked to help the professors for whom they grade at the professors’ scheduled final (if the professor requests the help of the grader), or proctor in the conflict room, or be available in the reading room. If you are proctoring you must not plan on leaving campus prior to the end of the period during which you are proctoring. In addition, if you will be responsible for grading you must not plan on leaving campus until the grading has been completed. (Check with the professor for whom you grade to determine what your grading assignment will be for the end of the semester.)
  • For those with undefined assignments during the finals period (any recitation instructor in a course without a final, and all graders) specific assignments will be announced later in the semester.

For upper-level course instructors

Courses numbered 400-599: Exams for these courses are scheduled as per class meeting time. You can verify the exam time listed for your course by checking the Time Schedule of Classes.
If the exam is not prepared by the office personnel and kept in the main office, please email Ms. Kim Canino a copy of the prepared final examination at least one day prior to the scheduled exam time.

600-level courses and above: Please inform Ms. Ware as soon as possible what time you intend to administer the final for your course (or at what time you intend to meet with your students during the final exam period). Ms. Ware will post that time when she posts the exam schedule including room assignments.

UC Final Exam Schedule

Finals for the UC courses are generally administered on the first day that the class would have met during the finals period.

If you teach on Main Campus, do not be concerned with scheduling a room. Ms. Ware will schedule a room for you. (In a memo, you will receive from the UC administration; you will be instructed to contact someone in the Scheduling Office. That will not be necessary for those of you who teach on main campus.)

Department hours during Finals

The day of Math Finals the main office will be open 7:30 a.m. unless otherwise posted.

Exam conflicts

Please announce in your class(es) that if any student has more than one mathematics final scheduled at the same time the student must:

  1. Inform the instructor of each course that is in conflict that the student will take the exams in the conflict room.
  2. Come to the main office and see Mr. Barwotoe to sign up for the conflict room.

Mr. Barwotoe will prepare an exam packet for each student who has made her aware of his/her conflict. He will acquire the exam for each student from the office coordinator. If the coordinator is not responsible for preparing your final and therefore will not have copies of your exam, please ensure by the Friday before the final, Mr. Barwotoe has a test for each student in your class who will be in the conflict room.

There should be no conflict with finals in other departments except for UC courses and FIA courses.

UC exams are unrelated to main campus and are normally scheduled at 5:30pm or later. If a student tells you that an instructor has scheduled a final during the mathematics exam time block (anyone of the three periods) the students will have to speak with the instructor from the other department. There is nothing the mathematics department can do to help. (The other instructor has scheduled his/her exam at an improper time.)

Please, when you announce the exam times, also add the following:

“You should have no conflict with an exam in a course in another department (except possibly a UC or Fine Arts course). Nevertheless, you should check all your exams now and resolve any conflicts now.”

TAs: you should not plan on leaving campus until all the grades have been submitted for the course you teach or assist in. All TAs, including graders, recitation leaders, and instructors are responsible for assisting with the proctoring of the final exams and helping with the grading. If you are not needed as a proctor at the course you are responsible for, you will proctor at another final, or assist with the Conflict Exams.

Announcement about Incompletes

Students who are removing an incomplete should state this on the final examination paper, and should include:

  • Their name
  • The semester in which the course was originally taken, and
  • The name of the instructor’s name with whom the course was originally taken

Make-up Policies

Some of the most difficult problems arise when the stated policy (often, no make-up exam) and the actual policy (often makeups are sometimes given) do not agree. Problems of this kind can be avoided if a reasonable policy is stated and followed. For example, if a comprehensive final exam is given, subsets of it can be identified with the tests in the course and the following policy can be adopted: No make-up tests; that portion of the final exam covering the missed tests will be used in place of the missing tests.

Academic Integrity

We have a separate page with comments about academic integrity and some suggestions on how to minimize violations. You will need your NetId to view this page.

Students with Disabilities

General information from the Office of Disability Services:

  • Students requesting accommodations and supports must be registered with the Office of Disability Services (ODS) and provide documentation of a disability. Once a student has registered with ODS, he or she is assigned a counselor who will work with the student to develop an Accommodation Authorization Letter. This letter states the accommodations and supports the student needs based on his or her disability.
  • Students are instructed to bring copies of their Accommodation Authorization Letters to their instructors and to discuss their need for accommodations. If students will need testing accommodations, the instructors and students should discuss whether exams will be administered by ODS. Instructors must have a statement on their syllabi informing students about how to request accommodations. Please refer to the following link for the syllabus statement.

The following are instructions for administration of midterm and final exams through the Office of Disabilities Services (ODS).

ODS arrangements for midterm exams

The Accommodation Authorization letter from the ODS will be accompanied by an exam scheduling sheet, on which you record the exam dates, times, policies, and how the exams will be delivered to ODS. The recommended option is for you to email the exam (at least two business days in advance) to ODS at the email address examsods@syr.edu stated on the form. Make sure that your name appears on the first page of the exam, along with the course number and the exam date. The exam will be returned by an ODS courier to the math office, where you will pick it up from Ms. Ware.

Alternative option is to arrange for an ODS courier to pick up a hardcopy of your exam. You will need to give it to Ms. Ware or Mr. Barwotoe at least one day prior to scheduled pick up. Make sure that your name appears on the first page of the exam, along with the course number and the exam date.

When the test is picked up, and returned, the office staff are asked to sign a form. That form states that ODS has received the test for administration or that the test was returned to us (whichever is applicable). A copy of that signed form is retained for the entire semester.

In summary, for midterm exams the office staff does not arrange the delivery, but provides a secure place for exams to be picked up and dropped off. For final exams the procedure is different: see below.

ODS arrangements for final exams

This is a coordinated effort between Ms. Ware or Mr. Barwotoe and ODS.


  1. Instructor will give Ms. Ware or Mr. Barwotoe the names and ID numbers, of each student he/she has who needs special arrangements.
  2. Instructor will let me know this information as soon into the semester as possible, or at least as soon as the instructor becomes aware of the special need for any student.
  3. Days before the final exam, Ms. Ware or Mr. Barwotoe will contact ODS to verify that the list of names matches their list of names. Also, they will make all necessary arrangements for pick up and return of the final exams. Either Ms. Ware and Mr. Barwotoe and/or ODS. will look into any discrepancies that exist.
  4. If ODS contacts you about arrangements for a final examination for one of your students please ask them to contact Mr. Barwotoe (3-1474) instead.
  5. Mr. Barwotoe will make a final exam packet for each student, she has been made aware of, who will take their test at the ODS facility and ready them for pick up by that office.
  6. After the administration of the exam and after it has been returned to the math office, that final will be given to the instructor with request for a signature that he/she has received.
  7. If Ms. Ware is not here please speak with Mr. Barwotoe, or Ms. O’Connor. Please do not leave the message with one of the work study students since this information is to be kept confidential. Remember you can always email Mr. Barwotoe with any questions or concerns you may have.